O Radiant One

I stare in awe at the radiant speck in the distance
Shining like a full bright moon, emitting its milky light
I reach out to touch it, locked in a tranceangel-of-light
But an invisible wall blocks me, repels me
I try my luck time and again
But alas! All of it goes to vain

My eyes are filled with yearning
My heart has started bleeding
Why is reality so hurting
Couldn’t it be just like I wanted
I realised there were too many hindrances
Life doesn’t always give what one wishes

I want to return to my world of dreams
Where I am king of my realities
I want to retreat to an eternal sleep
Where the harshnesses wont disturb me
I want to dissolve in the sands of time
Where the storms of life wont engulf me

People say this race you will lose
Cause too many are after what you pursue
No matter how much you try
You will never make your own that light so high
I ask do they have what I possess
This burning, beating thing inside my chest

O Radiant One! I can no longer hold
These walls are making me bold
I want to raze them to ground
So at last you might be found
Time is not on my side
Save me, Save me I am gonna die


O Mighty One


Often as I gaze upon the starry sky

I wonder what made it so high
The milky moon like a ball of light
The sun, a blazing fiery bun
And all reminds me of the Greatest One


Often as I gaze upon the lush green land
I wonder Who dotted it with trees
The breeze that constantly blows
Making them move to and fro
And all reminds me of the Almighty


As the buds bloom in to flowers
The fruits ripen and fall
As the butterfly opens its wings
In praise of their Lord the birds sing
And my soul craves to meet the Creator


He gave me eyes to see His Grace
A tongue to saturate with His Praise
He gave me ears to hear His Call
And legs to bow in gratitude
For He is my Lord, the King of alll


Today as I look back upon my darkened life
Drowned in sins and worldly greed
My eyes fill with tears of shame and pain
All my life is spent, with no gain
Will I die without a chance to redemption?


For how long in this world will I stay?
Surely I’ll have to leave one day
With the passage of time I’ve realized
I am nothing but a puppet of clay
Forgive me my Lord, before my life goes away

Ode to a Priceless Jewel


I opened my eyes to a world of cruelty
Where those who loved were found guilty
But that first touch I felt, the eyes I met
Was all I could wish in life to get
The softness and tenderness in them made a bond
Only death could break what had been formed

I stumbled and fell several times in life
She saved me every time from the edge of knife
Her actions made me think she was my enemy
But all she wanted for me was peace and harmony
Many moments passed and I failed to realize
One day I wouldn’t even get a chance to apologize

Today was a day I had never imagined
All of a sudden it had happened
I wrenched her hands hoping to feel the warmth
Cold as ice and without life was all I found
Her lips were so wisp and dry
It all made me want to mourn and cry

O God! Why did You take her away
Couldn’t You have waited for another day
Giving me a chance to say a few words of apology
Now all that was left was a lifeless body
I would have to live with this reality all my life
She died without forgiving me for our strives

I inched towards her wishing she suddenly stood
Her lips moved from under that white hood
I am glad my son to see you are all right
That was all she ever cared in her life
But she had dissolved within the sands of time
A priceless jewel, never again could I find