Wake up call


My eyes gazed upon it
A body rotting bit by bit
Being salvaged by hungry dogs
My tears blotted my eyes like fog
What I saw made my body numb
Everywhere a misty sadness hung

I heard a cry of help
I heard a little child yelp
A mother yelled as her little one fell
In an instant her life made a living hell
A war rampaged on around me
And all I could do was let it be

I inched towards the fallen one
A shower of bullets I got in return
They wont let me pick my brother
Take him to his dying mother
How could a heart be so cruel
All it cared about was the worldly duel

Wake up my brothers, shun the sleep
Your mothers, sisters lie there in the rotting heap
Wake up, the people of Gaza call you
A cry for help is all they can do
Wake up and see through the eye of reality
They have made the prosperous land into a crumbling city

This world has become an abode of fantasies
Keeping everyone away from torturous realities
Man kills man for the lust of power
Just to build huge empires with him on a tower
Why do we forget we were once dust
Thereto we will return and thats a must