A tribute to Pak Army


As the black curtains of night descended
Everywhere an everlasting silence hung
Dark silhouettes crept the thorny path
Their soul body and mind targeted for one task
Crush those that posed a threat to their motherland

With the power of faith enlightening their hearts
Guns, arms and ammo did not matter
As long as with their souls they were ready to part
What lead them towards their death so courageously
Was the love of their own country

Cries of Allah o Akbar tore the stillness of night
Fire emblazoned everything in sight
The enemy ran in confusion
Brave green men breaking their rank and file
Their woes were heard even over a mile

Many fell, some with dignity, some not
With or without weapons the Pak lions fought
The jackals scurried away not able to bear the wrath
Leaving behind whatever they possessed
A victory ensured for the conquerors

Let’s join hands and salute them
Those who are awake when we sleep
Their eagle eyes unflinching, undaunted
Ready to defend the land they stood on
Let’s pray for the Pak army, those who live and those who are gone




Walls! No. Not the ones you encounter daily. Walking down an alley and hitting a solid bricked dead end. Not the ones that surround the boundaries of your home. Not the ones you can physically see, touch and feel.

These reside inside. Hidden. Away from the eyes of the onlooker. The ones surrounding your inner self. Protecting the various circles of your being. Wherein each circle different people in your life reside. Each facing a wall restricting the access to the inner circle. They are built unconsciously. With instincts. And as life goes by, the more perils we face, the more broken expectations we encounter, the more setbacks we have, the stronger these walls get, the higher they rise. And this whole is an involuntary process without even our own knowing until someone knocks at your door, trying to help you out of your cave and you realize that you are blocked from inside out. Every way barred. Neither people can get in, nor you can get out.

“Lets weave a web of lies…
For all those who pass me by…
Let them watch from beyond…
My truths silently die…”

But the purpose of walls alludes my understanding at times. Why do we build walls around ourselves? To stop others from getting in or to stop ourselves from going out? Perhaps its both. But then at times life has different plans for you. No matter how many defenses you build. No matter how many doors you lock. No matter how many fences you put. Sometimes, someone out there somewhere is able to break through all your barriers and you can never know until they sit at the very center of the innermost circle of your soul and then you start feeling a change within. And then its from the inside that one by one the defenses start falling down and you feel unprotected, naked in the world. A strange feeling it is. You feel completed. No longer needing those barriers you put up. No longer putting up illusions to hide yourself. No longer pretending to be something you are not. No longer trying. Trying to fake yourself. Trying hard for your own self. Because after that its never about you any longer. Even your very existence isn’t about you. Its never the same then. Your emotions, your feelings, your truths, your lies, your struggles, nothing remains yours. Your life seems focused. Focused onto the very center of your soul. The point from where the light emits consuming your whole essence. Bathing it in a soothing calmness, a feeling of home, a sense of security. It changes your whole aura.

I seem to be getting out of words to describe it. I haven’t even done justice to it. But perhaps its more of how you feel it than how you cast it down in words. Its how you start viewing everything differently.