Down the moonlit road, she strode


Down the moonlit road, she strode
All farewells long since bode
She was broken, she was incomplete
Her demons abundant, her angels deplete
Down the moonlit road, she strode

She knew not her destiny
Just that, far away she wanted to be
From the cages she had left behind
The chains and ropes that bind
Down the moonlit road, she strode

Looming walls barred her way
As she inched forward day by day
She couldn’t  touch them, couldn’t see them outside
For they were the ones, she had built inside
Down the moonlit road, she strode

People had walked over her, crushed her under
Her feelings killed, her emotions plundered
Was that all she was born for?
To be kept inside a locked door?
Down the moonlit road, she strode

Take away my sanity, give me my freedom
Her thought single, her goal one
She was tired, yet she willed to move on
To find her angels, that had long since gone
Down the moonlit road, she strode

She hoped for a hope, of dreams she had dreamt
A wide open prairie, over it the sun bent
On a white horse, she ran and rode
Down the moonlit road, she strode
Towards her freedom and her chain-less abode


Broken Heart


As I walked past the empty bench
Cold, Black eyes made me wrench
I turned back and our gazes met
Producing a strife of thunder that went
Leaving me thinking, alone at the junction
What had i done to deserve this attention

It was time to think back and meditate
Realize what mistakes in life I had made
That had made her heart, so cold and fierce
Given her the eyes that hurt and pierce
Why was I treated by her as a dime
Making me realize I was wrong all the time

I was ready to accept my mistakes and apologize
But she was never in a mood to socialize
How could I tell her my heart so ached
Wanting myself to die for her sake
That look which lingered on in her eyes
Made me reason it was too late to apologize

So many things I wanted to tell her
The misunderstandings, where they were
Just one chance, that was all my heart begged
Tell her my thoughts so I could clear up my head
My courage betrayed me every time I tried
To go and walk by her side

Why was life so difficult for me
What was, that it wanted me to be
Was I such an unimportant person
When was last, I gained their attention
How could people be so heartless
Why couldn’t they see I was in such a mess

There was nothing left I could do
Absolutely no one I could turn to
So I sat there on the lonely stone
All my feelings had long gone
Life was full of dirty art
It always ended with a Broken Heart

My miseries

“Fall back on memm0006
and ill be the strength you need
ill be there forever
when none else would be

just don’t ever break me
cause this mask is all i have
don’t push me, don’t make me fall
just to see the other side of me


behind all this
hides a broken man
but maybe none will ever see
for to get to him there’s a high fee


but there’s no saving him
deep within layers he lies
been dormant for too long
already said all his goodbyes


but maybe it all doesn’t matter
all people need is an empty shell
drain it of all its strength
and move on when none’s left


save him maybe
or maybe let him be
a choice people don’t bother to make
all they do is never give only take


too many maybes in life
too many uncertainties
where do i go, what do i do
to end these never ending miseries”