Will I fade away?

Will I fade away
Like a flame burnt out?
I am, but a shadow of myself
A memory that long blacked out

The bridge is destroyed
The rubble nowhere to be found
Like a song that ends
Ill fade away, into the background


Ode to a Priceless Jewel


I opened my eyes to a world of cruelty
Where those who loved were found guilty
But that first touch I felt, the eyes I met
Was all I could wish in life to get
The softness and tenderness in them made a bond
Only death could break what had been formed

I stumbled and fell several times in life
She saved me every time from the edge of knife
Her actions made me think she was my enemy
But all she wanted for me was peace and harmony
Many moments passed and I failed to realize
One day I wouldn’t even get a chance to apologize

Today was a day I had never imagined
All of a sudden it had happened
I wrenched her hands hoping to feel the warmth
Cold as ice and without life was all I found
Her lips were so wisp and dry
It all made me want to mourn and cry

O God! Why did You take her away
Couldn’t You have waited for another day
Giving me a chance to say a few words of apology
Now all that was left was a lifeless body
I would have to live with this reality all my life
She died without forgiving me for our strives

I inched towards her wishing she suddenly stood
Her lips moved from under that white hood
I am glad my son to see you are all right
That was all she ever cared in her life
But she had dissolved within the sands of time
A priceless jewel, never again could I find

Familiar Strangers in our midst


You are walking down the lane with your head held low. And suddenly you look up and see a pair of eyes staring at you. And you get lost in the depth of those deep black wells. You see yourself falling down a familiar hole. Like you know every crevice and crack in it. You know every bulge and depression of the walls. You know how deep the well is and how wide it is. You know every inch of it.

You know that person so well that just a look on their face and you know what they are feeling. You can understand their silence. You listen what they don’t say. You understand what they don’t convey. You delve down the memory lane. A stream of black and white images loop before your eyes. Moments. Happy ones, sad ones, laughter, tears, the hourly talks, the long walks, the fights and the reunites. You see life. Life as it “was”.

Suddenly the person standing next to you waves his hand in front of your eyes.

“Hey im talking to you. Where are you lost?”

And the stream ends. You pop out of the dark well like a vacuum pulling you out. And as you walk out you start to see that everything about that well has changed. The familiarity gone. The place alien to you. Everything’s different. You are wrenched back to reality.

You look again. And you realise that the entrance to the well is actually barred. Huge walls stand erect. The eyes seem empty to you. An air of strangeness hangs. You try to feel a felling that you cannot feel. The feeling of being close. Its like you go back to an old house where you had once lived and you realise suddenly that you have lost its key. There’s no way in. You stand outside wondering what has changed inside. You try to look through the windows and under the doors and all you see is a darkness that you cannot pierce.

And then they pass you by without a glint of recognition. You refuse to look back for the fear you might lose yourself in places you know nothing about anymore.

Familiar Strangers in our midst. Yes! They exist. Strangers we once knew. Strangers we once were close to. You go from being strangers to someone you know, to being friends and to being closest friends. And then time takes it’s toll. The reverse starts. From closest friends to strangers the journey begins. Slow, painful and torturous. And it all leaves you thinking. Leaves you wondering with one question. How can someone whom you know more than they know themselves and they know you more than you know yourself, become total strangers?

The world is strange
A place so eerie
You walk by places
You once knew so dearly


Familiar faces hide behind masks
The masks of complete strangers
Eyes shut and mouths stitched
A darkness heavily pitched


The sands of time fall by
As autumns and springs come and go
You realise a lot you have missed
For their lie familiar strangers in our midst

This isn’t me, This isn’t you

“Wake up, just wake up
its time to face your fears
take off this fake make up
lets go as life steers
reality waits for us
lets catch the missed bus


don’t you
regret you ever met me
went through
so much to get me
lets go back to the start
before we fell apart


maybe if i black out
it would all become clear
why did we have this bout
maybe its all because
we couldn’t just be
maybe all that was wrong was me


this isn’t me
this isn’t you
just everything we do
till we open our eyes
and understand this ain’t real
just our delusions and life’s ordeal


this isn’t me
this isn’t you
this is everything but true
till we realize
its what you did and i did too
its what we put each other through”