This is how I want to be with you


I stand in the middle of the dance floor.
Hand in hand as i grip your waist and your waltzing soul.
Slowly, rhythmically we walk the steps
The world around me just a blurry mess
But for your face that holds my sight
With its mesmerizing glowing light,

I sit there across you, on a rooftop mess
The rustling wind swaying your red dress
A burning candle, a red rose
Is all that sits between us
A conversation without words, a quiet game
Silently we just sit and stare

On a sandy beach, on a stormy night
I want to sit, holding you close and tight
Looking out over the horizon, the angry sea
Your anchor in this chaos, is all I want to be
As the waves rise relentlessly to meet the moon
I look at you, knowing I won’t suffer like they do

To live young, to grow old
Together we travel life’s long road
The hardships that block, the joys that bless
To conquer each moment, to never part
This is how I want to be with you
Every day, every night, being each other’s light


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