Broken Heart


As I walked past the empty bench
Cold, Black eyes made me wrench
I turned back and our gazes met
Producing a strife of thunder that went
Leaving me thinking, alone at the junction
What had i done to deserve this attention

It was time to think back and meditate
Realize what mistakes in life I had made
That had made her heart, so cold and fierce
Given her the eyes that hurt and pierce
Why was I treated by her as a dime
Making me realize I was wrong all the time

I was ready to accept my mistakes and apologize
But she was never in a mood to socialize
How could I tell her my heart so ached
Wanting myself to die for her sake
That look which lingered on in her eyes
Made me reason it was too late to apologize

So many things I wanted to tell her
The misunderstandings, where they were
Just one chance, that was all my heart begged
Tell her my thoughts so I could clear up my head
My courage betrayed me every time I tried
To go and walk by her side

Why was life so difficult for me
What was, that it wanted me to be
Was I such an unimportant person
When was last, I gained their attention
How could people be so heartless
Why couldn’t they see I was in such a mess

There was nothing left I could do
Absolutely no one I could turn to
So I sat there on the lonely stone
All my feelings had long gone
Life was full of dirty art
It always ended with a Broken Heart


This isn’t me, This isn’t you

“Wake up, just wake up
its time to face your fears
take off this fake make up
lets go as life steers
reality waits for us
lets catch the missed bus


don’t you
regret you ever met me
went through
so much to get me
lets go back to the start
before we fell apart


maybe if i black out
it would all become clear
why did we have this bout
maybe its all because
we couldn’t just be
maybe all that was wrong was me


this isn’t me
this isn’t you
just everything we do
till we open our eyes
and understand this ain’t real
just our delusions and life’s ordeal


this isn’t me
this isn’t you
this is everything but true
till we realize
its what you did and i did too
its what we put each other through”