Hunain Mehmood

Washington DC, USA

Im a man of silent words …385244_225591340910489_1550639661_n
of raging storms …
and voices unheard …
behind masks and veils i hide …
the truths in my lies …

yet i move on in life …
with my head held high …
the never ending hopes …
of a future so bright …
out of the darkening night …

Writing for me is a way out out of this world. A way into the deep trenches of my mind. For me it is a place where i am the master of my own world. I create what I want and destroy what I want. Countless locks block my mind. But when I pick up a paper and pen all these locks click open one by one and the river comes pouring out. A river of ink, forming words I could never say, darkening the white pages.

I’m a man of dreams, visions and hopes and the determination to mould them into reality. I constantly try to be the light for others. I believe in balance and that is what I try to acheive everyday of my life. I love a lot of things and hate very few of them.

My writings are my reflection. And that is where you will find me.

Happy Reading!!



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