The man in the mirror


Look in the mirror and tell me what you see
Who you are or who you wanna be?
Do you see all your flawed sections?
Or one being made of perfect imperfections?
Look closely my dear and don’t just see

Look deep in those unmoving eyes
The gates to the center of your soul
They reveal a kind, gentle self
Shrouded by a stern heartless mask
Look beyond the layers behind which you hide

Listen to the sound of your unmoving lips
They tell a tale of a beautiful chaos
Of the ditches you fell, the peaks you rose
Hear hear they speak, of dreams and hopes
Somethings overtime, you seem to have lost

Feel the rise and fall of your chest
Feel the beats of your heart that never rest
It yearns for a love, a never ending care
But do you know for whom it waits?
You, who stands before, with his true self bare


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