One Last Chance


Someone once asked me what is love6064768-256-k977607
And I replied it’s a new world
Where once you step in you lose yourself
Its an ocean of immeasurable depths
Where the waves of feelings drown you
It’s a valley with deep gorges full of bliss

I don’t remember how I entered in it
As if I had fallen into a deep pit
I lost sense of space and time
Just that I was yours and you were mine
The camera of my life was focused on you
I didn’t care where everyone else had gone to

Time and again I felt lost
Gone into the world of your thoughts
Everything else became a mere distraction
Only you were left in my life’s equation
I was ready to live for you, die for you
For my soul had been bought by you

Never could I imagine this day would come
Away from my love you would run
Saying that no more you loved me
How did this time come to be
Was it a game you were playing all along
A mere click and out of your life I was gone

My heart has been replaced by a black hole
Consuming me from inside mole by mole
My world has been reduced to ashes
My life now a collection of meaningless dashes
It so aches thinking about all this mess
Was I just a pawn to your game of chess

I still wonder where had it all gone wrong
Am I to be blamed all along
The look you bear in your cold black eyes
Makes me reason its too late to apologize
I wish you could see the storm that brews in my head
One chance, just one chance is all my heart begs