A tribute to Pak Army


As the black curtains of night descended
Everywhere an everlasting silence hung
Dark silhouettes crept the thorny path
Their soul body and mind targeted for one task
Crush those that posed a threat to their motherland

With the power of faith enlightening their hearts
Guns, arms and ammo did not matter
As long as with their souls they were ready to part
What lead them towards their death so courageously
Was the love of their own country

Cries of Allah o Akbar tore the stillness of night
Fire emblazoned everything in sight
The enemy ran in confusion
Brave green men breaking their rank and file
Their woes were heard even over a mile

Many fell, some with dignity, some not
With or without weapons the Pak lions fought
The jackals scurried away not able to bear the wrath
Leaving behind whatever they possessed
A victory ensured for the conquerors

Let’s join hands and salute them
Those who are awake when we sleep
Their eagle eyes unflinching, undaunted
Ready to defend the land they stood on
Let’s pray for the Pak army, those who live and those who are gone


A hopeless journey


I watched myself being drowned
Into the abyss of my own grieves
Raging columns of fire all around
Why is it that fate always weaves
Only sufferings for me to be bound

After much thought I set out
To find that bird called hope
All that surrounded me was a doubt
Would I be able to cling to that rope
And help myself out of this life’s bout

Through the wild forests I passed
Raging, thundering seas I crossed
Scorching deserts that would never last
Several times I felt I was lost
What kept me going was determination of my task

At last I found my reason to live
My heart jolted out with glee
Whatever it required I would give
To protect it no matter what the fee
Cause I had found the essence of my life

Alas! My happiness was so short lived
All I could do was watch and yell
As the eagle took away my gift
Confining my screams to an empty well
Helplessly I watched as all I cared was lost

Why is life so difficult for me
Leaving only despair in its wake
Why didn’t anyone care to see
Down and down I drowned in the lake
Waiting for my existence to cease to be

Wake up call


My eyes gazed upon it
A body rotting bit by bit
Being salvaged by hungry dogs
My tears blotted my eyes like fog
What I saw made my body numb
Everywhere a misty sadness hung

I heard a cry of help
I heard a little child yelp
A mother yelled as her little one fell
In an instant her life made a living hell
A war rampaged on around me
And all I could do was let it be

I inched towards the fallen one
A shower of bullets I got in return
They wont let me pick my brother
Take him to his dying mother
How could a heart be so cruel
All it cared about was the worldly duel

Wake up my brothers, shun the sleep
Your mothers, sisters lie there in the rotting heap
Wake up, the people of Gaza call you
A cry for help is all they can do
Wake up and see through the eye of reality
They have made the prosperous land into a crumbling city

This world has become an abode of fantasies
Keeping everyone away from torturous realities
Man kills man for the lust of power
Just to build huge empires with him on a tower
Why do we forget we were once dust
Thereto we will return and thats a must

Fire and Ashes

imagesMy hands quiver. My pen wavers. My thoughts uncertain. I feel empty once again. Lost and empty. My insides feel on fire. Crumbling all in its path and moving on to the outside. i want it to burn. Burn what lies outside. Burn all that lives around me. And perhaps in the dark black center of the burning flame, in the wake of destruction it leaves behind, in the screaming of my burning soul, in the smell of my burning flesh, in the ecstasy of the agony it gives, in the beauty of the phoenix of the red fire, ill find my peace. My eternal peace.

Peace? After all these years i dont even know what that means. The sound alien to me. The meaning lost. I look at the candle burning. Its flame still. Wavering, but holding. Was that peace? The yellow giving way to orange. The orange turning to red. And finally the red being consumed by the black. The sheer beauty of it leaves me in awe. The calmness it radiates. But perhaps i was seeing it wrong. The colors. The flame. Peace wasn’t the yellowness turning into a dark blackness. It was the darkness being pierced by the coloured lights. And perhaps thats what i needed in life. A change of perspective.

My fingers inch forward .Trying to grab it. I couldn’t get it. Why not grab it? Yikes. It burns. What is this searing pain i feel shooting through my fingertips going all the way up? I thought I was numb. How can I feel this pain now? Why do I? All i want is peace for myself. It isnt too much to ask for. But then again its one of the tragedies of life. Things lie just before u. Out their to be held, to be taken. But an invisible barrier bars ur way. Always. U reach out and the forcefield drives your hand back. You stagger. You fall. Yet you rise and hold out your hand again. And the endless cycle goes on. The cycle of life.

Theres a deep silence inside me
The silence of void deep within
I hoped for a hope that never came by
For a dream that i never dreamt
The bearings of a great storm
A red lining on the horizon
Dark clouds rising above
A ditch dug down below
I long for a peace
The peace for a broken mind
These shattered edges of the mirror
A torture i want to leave behind
It sticks like a leech
Sucking my life bit by bit
Until none is left therein
A smoking candle that once lit
I call for a saviour
To reignite the diminishing flame
But who dare answer
For this is but just a life’s game
I hold onto my mere hopes
Like a drowning person to burning ships
For its just a matter of time
When all will be fire and ashes