I’ve tried, Believe me I’ve tried


For long i had seen this coming
The day I must say my goodbyes
And off you go, forever out of my life
Never to look back, stop and think
Of a heart, that you never saw sink

Yet, here i am, standing on the brink
Of this abyss that I’m about to fall in
Not wanting to let go, bear this intoxicating pain
How can i face the truth and stop being so naive?
Tell me, how can I forsake this love, that kept me alive?

Walls, masks, distractions, layer upon layer i built
These ravaging waves of anguish i silently slit
But nothing was enough, my sturdy walls inadequate
When it came to keeping you out, my mind just quit
All its efforts in vain, all its defenses slain

I’ve tried being numb, I’ve tried being cold
I’ve tried to let go, I’ve tried loosening my hold
I’ve tried to forget, I’ve tried to move on
To find a new way, to find a lasting cure
I’ve tried, I’ve tried all this while you’ve been gone

Today as i sit and ink this last goodbye
I realize how it is and it will forever be
After all this time and always
You’ll be Lily and I’ll be Snape
I hope, I pray, May you find the love of your James



Letter to a friend

Hello my dearest friend
How do you do
In a world so cold and bent
I see a sadness in your eyes
Like they’re tired of saying goodbyes

Let my words carry away your strifes
This pain of yours like stabbing knives
Let me calm and soothe your aching heart
Just sit back, relax and stare at the stars
It’s time I do my part.

I just want you to know.
That i’ll never leave you alone
When you can’t seem to find your way
And it’s too dark to see even in the day
I’ll be your light that’ll guide you home

I will stand at a distance.
Not too near, yet not too far
Always there behind the curtain fall
Standing here on a minutes call
To pick you up, should you ever fall

When you find everyone in your life gone
And life becomes too hard to live on your own
Look to your right and you’ll see me
I’ll be walking besides you and forever be
For I’ll never leave you alone.

Remember the day

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fireside Chat.”


Remember the day we sat
By the fireside we had a chat
We watched the embers slowly burning
Our fingers entwined with a yearning
Remember, remember the day we sat
It seemed the universe had gone silent
With the melody of your voice, wherever it went
I remember the song you sung
Like the chiming Christmas bells it rung
Remember, remember the day we sat
I never wanted the night to end
Wish we had more time to spend
How could i have known it all
That time would take its deadly toll
Remember, remember the day we sat
I counted the Decembers and they were three
By my side, when will you be?
Off you ran wild and free
Never cared what happened to me
Remember, remember the day we sat
Remember the long walks we had
The stupid fights that made us mad
Remember the jokes we made
Scattered, lost down the memory lane
Remember, remember the day we sat

My miseries

“Fall back on memm0006
and ill be the strength you need
ill be there forever
when none else would be

just don’t ever break me
cause this mask is all i have
don’t push me, don’t make me fall
just to see the other side of me


behind all this
hides a broken man
but maybe none will ever see
for to get to him there’s a high fee


but there’s no saving him
deep within layers he lies
been dormant for too long
already said all his goodbyes


but maybe it all doesn’t matter
all people need is an empty shell
drain it of all its strength
and move on when none’s left


save him maybe
or maybe let him be
a choice people don’t bother to make
all they do is never give only take


too many maybes in life
too many uncertainties
where do i go, what do i do
to end these never ending miseries”