Do you know?

Do you know how she was like? A beautiful mess. A thunderous chaos. Where each time you went you felt lost. She was the home that you longed. Out in the cruel world where you never belonged. She was fragile. But she was strong. For those she cared for long. She smiled as if No calamity had touched her. yet when you looked deep into her eyes. You saw her soul slowly die. She stood straight and erect outside. yet she silently crumbled on the inside. She battled her demons alone. Her angels long since gone.

Let me tell you about her. The shimmering light that she once were.Darkened by the grieves. Shadowed by a depressing commotion. She lost, yet she kept the motion.She was the truth that you always lied about. The answer to your lofty doubts. She was the warmth to your coldness. And The cure to your prolonged illness. With lost words and hands that betrayed. I saw her run as the winds raged. I wanted to stop her. To make her stay. Yet I stood still as she moved away. Taking away my hopes my dreams. She dissolved into the diminishing light beams.