A tribute to Pak Army


As the black curtains of night descended
Everywhere an everlasting silence hung
Dark silhouettes crept the thorny path
Their soul body and mind targeted for one task
Crush those that posed a threat to their motherland

With the power of faith enlightening their hearts
Guns, arms and ammo did not matter
As long as with their souls they were ready to part
What lead them towards their death so courageously
Was the love of their own country

Cries of Allah o Akbar tore the stillness of night
Fire emblazoned everything in sight
The enemy ran in confusion
Brave green men breaking their rank and file
Their woes were heard even over a mile

Many fell, some with dignity, some not
With or without weapons the Pak lions fought
The jackals scurried away not able to bear the wrath
Leaving behind whatever they possessed
A victory ensured for the conquerors

Let’s join hands and salute them
Those who are awake when we sleep
Their eagle eyes unflinching, undaunted
Ready to defend the land they stood on
Let’s pray for the Pak army, those who live and those who are gone