Wake up, to the sound of love calling

Wake up, to the sound of love calling
The rustling leaves and the dew falling
Wake up from your dreams of wild nights and sandy shores
For my beating heart calls
Its every rhythm racing to match yours
What do you see when you fall asleep?
Hopes and wishes that could never be?
As i sit by watching you lie in peace
I wonder, what makes you such
So calm, so serene, a glow lining your face
Take me along to that world of yours
Where i could be a part of you and you a part of me
Take me to the expanse of your universe
Where you walk so bold and free
For out here i feel all alone
Watching the shimmering light of the day
Slowly brighten the place where you lay
Sleep for as long as it takes
For your heart to find its tranquil pace
Fear not, have hope and you’ll see
Dreams are just realities that yet couldn’t be
But when your dream world suddenly shatters
And a dark gloom lays all to waste
When you feel despair crawl through your sleep
A nightmare following you like a ravaging storm
Your heart clenched, your soul caged
When you feel helpless, unable to move
Just open your eyes and to your dreams say goodbyes
Wake up, for ever watchful i lie besides
To banish your evils and lay waste to your dark sides
Leave behind your deep slumber
No matter how difficult it might seem
It’s time to make your wishes come true
Wake up, its never too late
Out here i lie in your wait
Wake up, to the sound of love calling
The rustling leaves and the dew falling

I’ve tried, Believe me I’ve tried


For long i had seen this coming
The day I must say my goodbyes
And off you go, forever out of my life
Never to look back, stop and think
Of a heart, that you never saw sink

Yet, here i am, standing on the brink
Of this abyss that I’m about to fall in
Not wanting to let go, bear this intoxicating pain
How can i face the truth and stop being so naive?
Tell me, how can I forsake this love, that kept me alive?

Walls, masks, distractions, layer upon layer i built
These ravaging waves of anguish i silently slit
But nothing was enough, my sturdy walls inadequate
When it came to keeping you out, my mind just quit
All its efforts in vain, all its defenses slain

I’ve tried being numb, I’ve tried being cold
I’ve tried to let go, I’ve tried loosening my hold
I’ve tried to forget, I’ve tried to move on
To find a new way, to find a lasting cure
I’ve tried, I’ve tried all this while you’ve been gone

Today as i sit and ink this last goodbye
I realize how it is and it will forever be
After all this time and always
You’ll be Lily and I’ll be Snape
I hope, I pray, May you find the love of your James


This is how I want to be with you


I stand in the middle of the dance floor.
Hand in hand as i grip your waist and your waltzing soul.
Slowly, rhythmically we walk the steps
The world around me just a blurry mess
But for your face that holds my sight
With its mesmerizing glowing light,

I sit there across you, on a rooftop mess
The rustling wind swaying your red dress
A burning candle, a red rose
Is all that sits between us
A conversation without words, a quiet game
Silently we just sit and stare

On a sandy beach, on a stormy night
I want to sit, holding you close and tight
Looking out over the horizon, the angry sea
Your anchor in this chaos, is all I want to be
As the waves rise relentlessly to meet the moon
I look at you, knowing I won’t suffer like they do

To live young, to grow old
Together we travel life’s long road
The hardships that block, the joys that bless
To conquer each moment, to never part
This is how I want to be with you
Every day, every night, being each other’s light

Come back home

It’s been long since I saw you last
In the mist, your fading laugh
The echoes of the melodies you sung
Deep into my my ears they rung
The voice of regret over what I had done

I stood and watched you go
A broken trust, an empty vow
I wished you’d turn and glance
Melt my cold heart and my stern stance
I longed for a last look, that never came

Here I sit deep within my shadows
Trying to look past this looming darkness
Thinking how well you fared
Out in the world, being loved and cared
Or was it an illusion, of my fading vision?

I hate this silence, I hate the quiet
You left behind this great void
Why create the space you never intended to fill?
To pierce these walls, destroy and leave
All along was that your will?

I leave the door open each night
In hopes you’d come by and see this sight
Of a heart fighting it’s battles
To live, to hope and never lose its light
Come home, with you, these halls were so bright

Letter to a friend

Hello my dearest friend
How do you do
In a world so cold and bent
I see a sadness in your eyes
Like they’re tired of saying goodbyes

Let my words carry away your strifes
This pain of yours like stabbing knives
Let me calm and soothe your aching heart
Just sit back, relax and stare at the stars
It’s time I do my part.

I just want you to know.
That i’ll never leave you alone
When you can’t seem to find your way
And it’s too dark to see even in the day
I’ll be your light that’ll guide you home

I will stand at a distance.
Not too near, yet not too far
Always there behind the curtain fall
Standing here on a minutes call
To pick you up, should you ever fall

When you find everyone in your life gone
And life becomes too hard to live on your own
Look to your right and you’ll see me
I’ll be walking besides you and forever be
For I’ll never leave you alone.

A lullaby I’ll hum

Sleep my love.
Be gone to the dream world.
Of sparkling stars and milky moonlight.
To lighten your dark night.
Sleep my love.
Punch your pillow.
Cuddle your bear.
For watchful eyes see and ears hear.
No harm shall befall you.
No hurts come.
Sleep my love.
A lullaby I’ll hum.
Sail through the misty skies.
Hold on to the mast tight.
Dont be afraid if the night owl cries.
For I’ll watch over, the whole dark night.
Drink from the calm sweet waters.
Swim across the wide craters.
That line the night moon.
And when you feel all alone and lost.
Hear my voice and follow its tone.
Let it guide you back to your home.
Sleep my love,
A lullaby I’ll hum

The man in the mirror


Look in the mirror and tell me what you see
Who you are or who you wanna be?
Do you see all your flawed sections?
Or one being made of perfect imperfections?
Look closely my dear and don’t just see

Look deep in those unmoving eyes
The gates to the center of your soul
They reveal a kind, gentle self
Shrouded by a stern heartless mask
Look beyond the layers behind which you hide

Listen to the sound of your unmoving lips
They tell a tale of a beautiful chaos
Of the ditches you fell, the peaks you rose
Hear hear they speak, of dreams and hopes
Somethings overtime, you seem to have lost

Feel the rise and fall of your chest
Feel the beats of your heart that never rest
It yearns for a love, a never ending care
But do you know for whom it waits?
You, who stands before, with his true self bare

Do you know?

Do you know how she was like? A beautiful mess. A thunderous chaos. Where each time you went you felt lost. She was the home that you longed. Out in the cruel world where you never belonged. She was fragile. But she was strong. For those she cared for long. She smiled as if No calamity had touched her. yet when you looked deep into her eyes. You saw her soul slowly die. She stood straight and erect outside. yet she silently crumbled on the inside. She battled her demons alone. Her angels long since gone.

Let me tell you about her. The shimmering light that she once were.Darkened by the grieves. Shadowed by a depressing commotion. She lost, yet she kept the motion.She was the truth that you always lied about. The answer to your lofty doubts. She was the warmth to your coldness. And The cure to your prolonged illness. With lost words and hands that betrayed. I saw her run as the winds raged. I wanted to stop her. To make her stay. Yet I stood still as she moved away. Taking away my hopes my dreams. She dissolved into the diminishing light beams.

Down the moonlit road, she strode


Down the moonlit road, she strode
All farewells long since bode
She was broken, she was incomplete
Her demons abundant, her angels deplete
Down the moonlit road, she strode

She knew not her destiny
Just that, far away she wanted to be
From the cages she had left behind
The chains and ropes that bind
Down the moonlit road, she strode

Looming walls barred her way
As she inched forward day by day
She couldn’t  touch them, couldn’t see them outside
For they were the ones, she had built inside
Down the moonlit road, she strode

People had walked over her, crushed her under
Her feelings killed, her emotions plundered
Was that all she was born for?
To be kept inside a locked door?
Down the moonlit road, she strode

Take away my sanity, give me my freedom
Her thought single, her goal one
She was tired, yet she willed to move on
To find her angels, that had long since gone
Down the moonlit road, she strode

She hoped for a hope, of dreams she had dreamt
A wide open prairie, over it the sun bent
On a white horse, she ran and rode
Down the moonlit road, she strode
Towards her freedom and her chain-less abode

Happy Valentine’s Day


It all started that one day
When you suddenly crossed my way
Leaving behind a trail of your rosy smell
Which rung inside my head, a bell
I lost my senses, engrossed in you
That was the day my heart was stolen too

I waited everyday for you to pass by
Hoping to get the courage to say Hi
But my tongue locked itself every time
My throat felt like it had swallowed lime
My hands went all sweaty
Although the matter was rather petty

I don’t remember when we first talked
Just that alongside me you walked
The laughs that day you gave me
Were all I ever wanted to hear and see
That moment my happiness knew no bounds
As if my missing part had been found

Time flew by, the days seemed so few
With each moment our feeling for each other grew
It was like we were meant to be one
And without you that could never be done
Fate and destiny played their respective parts
Helping us in joining our two hearts

Many things passed between us unsaid
An invisible bond formed in our head
I still remember the first time, we dated
Those clumsy waiters you really hated
All that I cared that day
Was you and me would never be parted away

I want to pore out my heart for you
But time does not allow me to do
I am dying to tell how much I love
Perhaps I should give that task to a dove
For now all I want to say
Wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day