Happy Valentine’s Day


It all started that one day
When you suddenly crossed my way
Leaving behind a trail of your rosy smell
Which rung inside my head, a bell
I lost my senses, engrossed in you
That was the day my heart was stolen too

I waited everyday for you to pass by
Hoping to get the courage to say Hi
But my tongue locked itself every time
My throat felt like it had swallowed lime
My hands went all sweaty
Although the matter was rather petty

I don’t remember when we first talked
Just that alongside me you walked
The laughs that day you gave me
Were all I ever wanted to hear and see
That moment my happiness knew no bounds
As if my missing part had been found

Time flew by, the days seemed so few
With each moment our feeling for each other grew
It was like we were meant to be one
And without you that could never be done
Fate and destiny played their respective parts
Helping us in joining our two hearts

Many things passed between us unsaid
An invisible bond formed in our head
I still remember the first time, we dated
Those clumsy waiters you really hated
All that I cared that day
Was you and me would never be parted away

I want to pore out my heart for you
But time does not allow me to do
I am dying to tell how much I love
Perhaps I should give that task to a dove
For now all I want to say
Wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day


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