My Soul


A bird fluttered inside of me
Wanting for its prison to cease to be
Tortured by the deeds of its worldly master
It yearned for his time of death faster

As I peeked inside of me I saw it
My soul struggling to free itself out of the pit
The blackness inside me I found so consuming
Amazed at how my soul was bearing

The bodily cage had become a hell for it
All I did was kill it bit by bit
My actions made it cry
But gradually my heart had become wisp and dry

I was so indulged in the worldly wealth
Not caring about my soul’s eternal health
Day by day making it worst
Making it feel it had been cursed

Its destiny depended all on me
I was taking it to hell but I didn’t see
All my life was spent in ignorance
Now all of it was making a complete sense

I had done nothing for a life of eternal bliss
All those chances of doing good I had missed
But now it was too late to realize
My life was a living hell in disguise

O my captor, cried out my soul
So cruel, you deprived me of my goal
Why did the Creator sent me to you
Tear and torment me is all you do

I was sent as a being so pure
But you poisoned me beyond all cure
I looked back through my past
Now that the wrinkles were coming fast

Not one good I found in my life
All spent in the soul and body strife
I now realized it wanted to take me to heaven
And all I did was take it to hell


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